Tenancy Agreement

A written agreement, containing the terms and conditions, needs to be executed by the owner and the tenant for the tenancy to take effect. A copy of the same will be provided to the tenant once the agreement has been signed by the both parties. The tenant is advised to read all the clauses in the document and seek clarification if required to leave no room for ambiguity as far as her responsibilities and obligations are concerned.

The agreement will be valid throughout the tenancy period and the tenant will be obliged to abide by the rules recorded in the agreement during her stay. No exception to the rules will be made under any circumstances and any deviation will amount to a breach of agreed terms, and the owner, in such cases, will be entitled to take action as per the agreement terms and conditions.


Try-Out Option

Each tenant is allowed to try-out the facility for a period of up to 4 days before committing to a full-term tenancy. The tenant can assess the facility during this period to see whether the services provided by the PG owner fulfill her requirements or not. If, for some reason, the tenant decides to opt out of the agreement during this period, the rent and deposit amount will be refunded in full after deducting the move-out charges, which include a pro rata rent, calculated based on the number of days she stays at the facility. A notice will not be required in such cases.


Booking Process

The security deposit or at least a token amount needs to be paid at the time of booking. A verbal request for the same will not be sufficient for confirmation. If the tenant pays a part of the security as token amount while booking, the remaining amount needs to be paid two days prior to the tenancy commencement date. The tenant also needs to submit the necessary documents along with the security deposit two days in advance for the owner to get all the documents verified before the tenant takes physical possession of the facility. The agreement can’t be executed until the required documents are submitted.

Invalid documents submitted by a tenant will not be accepted by Teddy PG, and the tenant will be advised to produce valid documents for the tenancy agreement to take place. Teddy PG will not cancel the booking in such cases. It will only postpone the tenancy effective date until the valid documents are submitted by the tenant. And as this is a mandatory requirement under the law, the owner can’t allow the tenant to take possession of the facility until the requirement is fulfilled.

The owner reserves the right to confirm, amend, or decline a booking, and the tenant will be notified of the same within 24 hours via an SMS or Email. If the owner declines a booking, the tenant will be eligible for a full refund of the security deposit or token amount that she paid at the time of booking. The tenant can also opt for a different PG listed on our portal and use the same token amount for booking.


Benefits Covered Under the Rent

  • Necessary furnishings, such as individual bed and wardrobe, shared refrigerator, washing machine, television, kitchen with gas cylinder, stove and cooking utensils, water purifier, and AC or air water cooler (optional).
  • DTH connection.
  • High speed Wi-Fi.


The Rent Doesn’t Include the Following:

  • Electricity charges.
  • Water charges.
  • Cooking gas charges.
  • Raw materials and ingredients for cooking.
  • And other charges not mentioned under the benefits.

Please note that the tenant will not alter the furnishings of the property without prior approval of the owner.


Additional Benefit

The owner will provide two free service visits per month for the purpose of maintenance; however, the actual cost of materials needs to be paid by the tenant.


Additional non-refundable charges

The tenancy agreement would require the tenant to pay agreement execution, police verification, and other additional charges, which are not part of the initial deposit. These charges are non-refundable and need to be paid two days prior to the move-in day for the agreement to take place. These charges need to be paid every time the rental agreement is renewed when the term expires. Please note that Teddy PG will not be responsible for a delay in the process of verification due to circumstances beyond the control of any of the parties involved in the verification process.


Police verification

Delhi police has made tenant verification mandatory, and the process needs to be completed before the tenant takes possession of the accommodation. The tenant can download the application form for verification from the official website of Delhi Police. Once the application form is duly completed with all necessary information, it needs to be handed to the owner along with a passport size photograph, required documents, and the verification fee. The owner will then submit the form at the nearest police station and collect the acknowledgement receipt. The verification is done manually by the field officers who liaise with their counterparts in other states where the tenant previously lived.


Terms and Conditions of Security Deposit

  • The tenant will pay a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent in addition to the monthly rent that needs to be paid in advance at the beginning of every month.
  • A token amount is required to finalize the booking. The token amount will later be adjusted from the security deposit, which the tenant has to pay two days prior to the tenancy effective date.
  • The security deposit will be documented in the rental agreement.
  • The tenant can pay the deposit amount either via online transfer or she can make a cash deposit.
  • As the security deposit is equivalent to the monthly rental, the security amount differs for each type of occupancy. And hence, if a tenant chooses to upgrade her occupancy, or she makes an internal transfer to another PG listed under our website, the difference amount should to be paid by the tenant for the transfer to take effect. However, if the rent is less in the new occupancy, the difference amount will be adjusted from the following month’s rent.


Tenancy Effective Date

The start date of the rent cycle is the rent commencement date agreed by both parties at the time of booking.


Rent Due Date

The rent needs to be paid on or before 5th of every month in advance along with other charges as mentioned in the rental agreement.


Late Fee

  • A late payment fee of Rupees 250 will be levied for payment after the 5th day of the month, provided the payment is made before the 10th of the month.
  • From 11th to 15th, the late payment charges will be rupees 100 per day.
  • A non-payment post 15th will be a violation of the agreement and in such cases, the owner will have no option but to terminate the agreement.


Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation before rental effective date: The security deposit will be refunded in full if the cancellation is made prior to the effective date.

Cancellation after effective date: If the tenant chooses to opt out of the service within 4 days of taking possession, the deposit and rent will be refunded after deducting the move-out charges and the rent for the number of days she avails the service. However, cancellation after 4th day would result in a breach of lock-in period, and hence, notice period shortfalls charges, renovation charges, and other necessary charges will be applicable as per the terms and conditions specified in the agreement.


Refund on Termination of Tenancy

  • A fixed charge of rupees 500 is deducted from the security deposit in all cases for the cleaning and refurbishing purposes.
  • The tenant has to serve a notice period of one month for a full refund of the security deposit amount, failing which the security deposit, which is equivalent to one month’s rent, will be forfeited.
  • Unpaid rent, if any, and utility charges will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Damages to the property or its contents need to be paid before the tenancy is formally terminated.


General Terms and Conditions for Move-in and Move-out

  • If the tenant delays the move-in process for some reason, the rent will be effective from the agreement start date. The utility and other charges, however, will be applicable only when the tenant takes physical possession of the accommodation.
  • Security deposit needs to be paid in full two days before the start date.
  • The payment can be made either by an online transfer or cash deposit.
  • Along with the security deposit, all necessary documents, such as permanent residence proof, identity proof, etc needs to be submitted two days prior to the move-in date.
  • If the documents are not submitted, Teddy PG will not cancel the booking: however, the tenancy effective date will be deferred till the required documents are submitted.
  • The tenant will be handed over the document as soon as it’s prepared, and the process may take up to 45 days.
  • A schedule inspection of the room is conducted by the management before refunding the deposit to the tenant once the agreement ends, and the tenant is advised to be present at the time of inspection to respond to the damages recorded by the management. No dispute post that will be accepted under any circumstances.


Notice Period

  • Tenancy agreement is valid for a period of six months.
  • If the tenant ends the agreement prior to the scheduled expiration of the agreement, she will be required to serve a notice period of one month, failing which the security deposit will be forfeited
  • If the tenant gives a notice, which is less than the required one month period, charges will be deducted on pro rata basis to the shortfall in notice period.


Rules and Regulation for Hosting Visitors

  • Tenants will have to take recorded approval of the roommates before hosting a guest overnight at the facility.
  • Tenants are advised not to host a guest without the consent of their roommates to avoid any inconvenience to them.
  • The host will be accountable for the conduct of her guests and any financial loss incurred due to the presence of the guest will be borne by the host.
  • No male guest is allowed in the paying guest accommodation.


Theft and Damage

  • Tenants will be solely responsible for their own belongings, and hence, they are advised not to leave their valuables unattended at the premises at any time during the tenancy period.
  • Tenants are required to handle the contents of the paying guest accommodation responsibly and if any damage to the property or its contents is found then the tenants will be liable to pay for the same.



  • All tenants will be provided with a key to the main door.
  • If the tenant loses a key, she can either make a duplicate key herself or request the owner to do so. In latter cases, 250 rupees will be charged to the tenant in addition to the cost of the duplicate key.
  • The tenant will not replace the lock or place an additional one without the consent of the owner and other tenants.