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Room Types

Single Occupancy

Do you want privacy and do not wish to share your room with anyone? Then this is the right option for you. The teddy will be all yours with no sharing whatsoever.

Monthly Rent : Rs 9,500 

Double Occupancy

Do you want a room mate to jingle with? Then go for this option. You should be sharing your teddy with your room mate. But you will get your own separate wardrobe & bed

Monthly Rent : Rs 5,500 

Triple Occupancy

Do you love crowd and more girls in your room? Go for this option. But you wont have more than two girls to share your teddy. Each one of you will have your own bed and wardrobe.

Monthly Rent : Rs 4,000

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Why Teddy PG?

Teddy PG is committed to providing a healthy and secure environment to all its tenants, but its larger goal is to assist college students and working professionals to find suitable accommodations in locations of their choices, depending on their convenience.

Our Vision

We believe running a girls pg in Dwarka, Delhi with the sole purpose of financial gains may not produce results. The objective of a paying guest accommodation should be to provide a home away from home to each guest, which would help them pursue their academic and career goals without having to worry about fundamental care needs.

We would love to list the PGs on our website who share the same vision. Feel free to get in touch with us.

For Girls PG Tenant’s

How to Find the Right Girl’s PG in Delhi

When you move to a new city, the first thing you look for is an accommodation that is safe, affordable, and takes care of your needs, and that’s something paying guest accommodations offer.

PG in Delhi is the perfect solution for a newcomer to the city as it provides a secured environment with all the facilities you would require for a comfortable stay. Although PG or girls hostel in Delhi is preferred by students or working professions, it can be availed by anyone who is staying away from home and looking for an accommodation that provides everything one needs.

There are certain things you need to consider while searching for a PG in Delhi:


The security of girls should be of paramount importance to PG owners. Inquire about the safety measures taken by the owner to ensure the tenants are living in a safe environment. See if the housing society has a proper security guard, and if records of visitors entering the premises are maintained. Find a PG accommodation in a respectable locality with friendly neighborhood. There is nothing better than natural surveillance when it comes to security. A busy locality is often more secured than the ones located in deserted areas.

Proximity to Basic Services

A crucial factor to consider while choosing an accommodation is its proximity to basic services. Accessibility to market and basic services, such as medical stores, grocery shops, and ATMs should be given a lot of priority while choosing a girls hostel in Delhi.

Location and Transport

Try searching for a PG in Delhi that is not too far away from your college or workplace and the area is well-connected to other parts of the city by public transport. Proximity of the PG accommodation to your office or college is very important as you wouldn’t want to spend hours in commute.

Staff Members

PG for girl’s in Delhi should always hire female staff members for the security of the tenants, and they should be available 24 hours, especially when the owner is not present.

Your Requirements

Make a mental note of the things you are looking for in your accommodation before you start hunting for one. It’s important for you to be specific about your requirements lest you end up settling for an accommodation that’s not suitable for you. Your food habits, your working hours, and your preferred sharing options should be consistent with what the PG accommodation offers.


It’s important for tenants to wisely calculate the amount they can allocate to rent. Search for a PG in Delhi that suits your budget. Make a list of your earnings and expenses. Set aside funds for emergency expenses and bills while working out your monthly budget, and fix an amount for accommodation. However, what matters most is what percentage of your income you are comfortable in spending for rent. A balance between comfort and affordability is important when you search for a PG.

Final checks

Things You Need to Clarify with Your Owner


If the PG accommodation offers food then find out the timings and the quality of food. Inform the owner in advance if you need food at a particular time. If the facility has a kitchen for self-catering then inquire with the owner if he or she has any restrictions as far as cooking certain food items are concerned.

Timings and Restrictions

Discuss with the PG owner about your working hours and inquire about the timing restrictions, if any. If you have to work late hours then inform your PG owner about your office timings. Inquire about the rules and regulations as far as visitors are concerned. Some PGs have restriction and there are valid reasons behind this rule.

Tenant FAQ’s

You might still have a lot of questions before choosing a right PG and we tried answering a few of them below.

What are Paying Guest Accommodation Charges in Delhi?

The cost of PG accommodation depends on a number of factors, such as location, amenities provided by the owner, and type of occupancy, e.g., a double sharing accommodation would cost less than a single occupancy. The standard monthly rental of a girl’s PG in Delhi, that offers all necessary facilities, starts from 4000 rupees.

How much Deposit do I need to pay?

One-month security deposit is mandatory in almost all PGs, which is refunded when the guest vacates the premises. In addition to that, the monthly rent needs to be paid in advance at the beginning of every month.

Is there any Luxury or Executive PG in Delhi?

Exclusive or luxury accommodations are available in Delhi, but the cost of a luxury or executive PG for a girl in Delhi is quite expensive as compared to a standard hostel that provides all essential facilities.

What are the benefits of a Paying Guest over an Independent Rented House?

Paying guest accommodation is a cost-effective and convenient option for anyone who is new to the city. The rents in Delhi are very high and the arrangement requires the tenant to deposit a minimum of 10 months security deposit in advance. Apart from that, a number of expenses to be borne by the tenant in a rented accommodation, like electricity, telephone, water, DTH, internet bills and charges for other services the tenant opts for. However, in a girl’s hostel in Delhi, these charges are included in the rent. So you just have to pay the monthly rent and make use of the benefits offered to you.

What facilities will I get?

A standard girl’s hostel in Delhi provides all the facilities you would want in your accommodation, including but not limited to:

  • Wardrobes and beds for each tenant.
  • Well-furnished living room.
  • Television with DTH connection
  • Free internet connection with WiFi
  • Kitchen with utensils and other utilities required for cooking.
  • 24-hour running water with hot water facility.
  • Drinking water with RO technology

What are the Terms and Conditions for Refund of Security Deposit?

Security deposit is refundable, provided the tenant fulfills the criteria. The owner needs to be informed one month in advance before ending the arrangement so that the owner can find another guest who is willing to use the accommodation. Leaving the hostel without an advance notice is a violation of the agreed terms of the tenancy, and in such cases, the security deposit can’t be refunded. Apart from that, there shouldn’t be any damage to the property or contents within the premises for a refund of the security deposit.

For Girls PG Owner’s

What points should a PG Owner keep in mind ?

Operating a PG accommodation is not an easy job as it entails various responsibilities, and stringent measures need to be taken to ensure smooth functioning of the service. An individual shouldn’t venture into the service of running a PG accommodation if he or she doesn’t have the resources and manpower to offer the services that are expected from a PG in Delhi. Following are a few things an individual or a business entity should take into consideration before offering a PG accommodation:

Adequate Space to Run a PG Accommodation

Ensure that you have the right building space to provide a healthy environment to the tenants. Understand the facilities the tenants would require during their stay at the PG and make sure you are in a position to offer these facilities. The location of your house is also important as the basic necessities, like medical and grocery stores, ATMs, and hospitals should be within an acceptable distance from the PG accommodation. There should be proper transport facilities in the area where your PG in Delhi is located and has an excellent connectivity to other parts of the city. The neighborhood should be friendly and the locality should be congenial for a pleasant stay. The housing society should have proper security arrangements, and a record of visitors entering the premises should be maintained.

Rules and Regulation

Rules and regulations should be clearly stated prior to offering an accommodation to a guest to avoid any confusion in future. Someone violating the rules would set a wrong precedent for others. It would also cause a great deal of inconvenience to those who are working hard to build their future. Hence, it’s important to maintain discipline of the PG for a healthy and peaceful environment, which would help each tenant to focus on their academic or career goals. A PG will be successful only when there is no discord between the owner and tenants, and the environment is friendly and warm. The onus is on you, as a PG owner, to maintain a healthy environment and give your guests an experience they would cherish for a lifetime.

Hiring Staff

You would need a certain number staff members, depending on your volume of operation, to successfully run a girls PG in Delhi. They are required to perform various day-to-day tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, security, and administrative work. Running a PG with inadequate staff is not a realistic option and the functioning of the PG is bound to be hindered if the owner chooses to do so. Make sure the staff members are always available during their working hours as absenteeism on the part of your employees would not only jeopardize the functioning of your PG but would also cause significant inconvenience to your guests.

Working Capital

You need to have enough funds to run a PG. Setting up a PG would require initial investment to procure the necessary items. Apart from that, there are recurring costs, such as maintenance, bills, and staff salaries. And on top of that if the house is rented then the owner has to pay the rent of the building every month irrespective of occupancy. The variable costs would depend on the number of guests and that can be covered from the revenues; however, the fixed costs would remain the same whether or not you have any guest. The owner should be in a position to take the risk and invest money into the venture.

Legal Obligations

There are certain legal formalities to be completed before operating a PG for girls’ in Delhi. Obtaining a license to run a PG accommodation is one of them and it’s required by law. Separate licenses need to be obtained from the fire and health departments as well. Apart from that, you need to comply with the safety requirements specified by the local administration in order to run a PG in Delhi. This list is not exhaustive and you need to inquire with the local authorizes in your area to find out the list of documents you need to furnish before running a paying guest accommodation.

Have a Clear Understanding of Who You Want as Guests

You need to be clear about the group of guests you want to accommodate, e.g., students, working professionals, or families, although families rarely opt for a paying guest accommodation. Every group has different needs and requirements and you must have certain arrangements in place to fulfill their requirements. Something that would potentially satisfy a group of individuals may not be acceptable to the other. Assess the facilities you have and see whether they would conform to the requirements of that particular group of guests or not.

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